Energy and Climate Change

Since energy saving is one of the most important climate actions, KMITL has various and creative policies and campaigns for energy saving. It has implemented policies and campaigns to reduce energy consumption. more

KMITL understand important of energy responsibility, KMITL has reviewed energy to identify where energy wastage in yearly for planning for improve energy efficient of the institute. more

KMITL is aware of the effects of climate change and the importance of adaptation to the livelihood of communities and countries. The institute therefore has many projects in order to educate the community and be aware of the impacts. Thus, KMITL provides local education programs or campaigns on climate change risks more

Water and life below water

Agritech and Innovation Center


An EM ball project produce EM balls that consist of rice husk, rice polish, rough rice molasses, soil, and EM for use in wastewater treatment. EM balls help decompose organic matter in wastewater before it is released into surrounding natural water resources. The project is part of the environmental and social responsibility efforts taken by the institute. more

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang continues changing to uses water-saving equipment. more

KMITL has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to establish AIC Center (Agritech and Innovation Center) under the policy “Agricultural Technology 4.0” by applying technology to the development of agriculture and fisheries in Chumphon Province.

Facebook : AIC Chumphon


Pedestrian Path

Buildings & Grounds

Building & Open space

Forest & Plant vegetables

Smart Building

KMITL designed buildings and Open spaces to increase the green area within the university to make it a green university.

KMITL Conserve forest areas Within the university and use water sources for agriculture

KMITL Design new buildings  smart buildings In order to save energy and protect the environment Safe and planned improvements are made to the building. Previously created to be Intelligent building model

Health & Living

ศูยน์อาหาร KMITL สำหรับนักศึกษา และบุคลากร ที่เปิดให้บริการ เป็นไปตามมาตราฐาน กระทรวงสาธารณะสุข more


สจล. มีคลีนิคเวชกรรมให้บริการแก่นักศึกษาและบุคคลากร more

KMITL has many sports facilities for students, staff, and the general public from the surrounding community. The sports facilities of the institution are both free and inexpensive. more


Waste recycling program

Organic Waste

Inorganic Waste


Tube pillow project for Bedridden patient is a project that uses plastic straws Come cut to the right size Then packed into the pillow to make the patient stick to the bed, use a cushion to prevent pressure ulcers. We have 3 donation points in the Faculty of Science’s Canteen, KMITL food court, and KMITL Central Library.

The institute has been campaigning a compost project which aims to produce compost from organic waste, such as leaves and grass, to reduce the cost of fertilizer and make good use of waste materials.

KMIT has the policy to separate inorganic waste into 4 types: recycled waste, general waste, wet waste, and hazardous waste. Sorted garbage can use for recycling or reuse

Education & Research

Sustainable Courses


สถาบันมีการให้ทุนการศึกษาแก่นักศึกษา ในหลากหลายรูปแบบ more

KMITL provides free access to educational resources for students, staff, cooperated organizations, alumni, and the general public, including free computer services at the computer service center, free KMITL Wi-Fi all over the campus area. more


KMITL Vaccination Site" for Society

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