Water and life below water

KMITL has implemented projects and guidelines to reduce water consumption within the institute and ensure water efficiency. For example, sanitary sensors were installed in restrooms to reduce excess water waste and a wastewater reuse program to retain treated wastewater for reuse in activities that do not require much water purity, such watering lawns and trees.

Water Reservoir

KMITL has a water reservoir for use as a reserve water source in agriculture and watering the plants in the green area surrounding the campus.

Water Conservation – KMITL’s Lake

Water saving equipment


King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang continues changing to uses water-saving equipment. MORE

Water treatment and Recycling

An EM ball project produce EM balls that consist of rice husk, rice polish, rough rice molasses, soil, and EM for use in wastewater treatment. EM balls help decompose organic matter in wastewater before it is released into surrounding natural water resources. The project is part of the environmental and social responsibility efforts taken by the institute. MORE


The wastewater that has been treated by King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang has been reused for watering plants and use in Agriculture faculty for studying. Using treated water can reduce KMITL water costs.

Life below water

Agritech and Innovation Center

KMITL has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to establish AIC Center (Agritech and Innovation Center) under the policy “Agricultural Technology 4.0” by applying technology to the development of agriculture and fisheries in Chumphon Province.

Facebook : AIC Chumphon

Event & Activity for Sustainability

KMITL organized the 5th Sustainable Brands seminar 2019 “Ocean & Beyond”, Chumphon Province. To provide knowledge and understanding of coastal and marine ecosystem management. Promote and conserve marine resources.

“sustainablebrandsbkk” website


KMITL cooperated with Chum Kho Municipality and Betagro Company to establish a crab bank in Chumphon. To conserve Economic marine species and improve operation efficiency by using the knowledge of technology, innovation.


KMITL has a volunteer program for the conservation of natural resources and the environment.