KMITL has a policy to plant dust trees.

KMITL has a policy to plant dust trees. Tree planting On Chalong Krung Road In front of King Mongkut’s ladkrabang

Planting trees Although it may not be able to filter extremely small dust But help filter dust, soot, and smoke from the road and also help create shady for the campus Rom Yen is part In many projects To alleviate the problem of toxic dust

  1. Distribution of dust masks
  2. Dust alert through monitor
  3. Road cleaning
  4. Medical Preparedness
  5. Dustproof bus stop and
  6. Planting trees and managing traffic. The university does not allow cars to get close to the classroom. Worried about students inhaling toxic dust The problem of toxic dust can be solved if we all help each other.

King Mongkut's ladkrabang Planting trees

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