Young STEM Entrepreneur & Student Exchange

KMITL hosted a great number of educational outreach events in many places such as the Young STEM Entrepreneur & Student Exchange Program that was opened for the third batch of youth aged 9-14 years old. STEM education is believed to be the answer to human development in the present time. The program is a collaboration between the Faculty of Liberal Arts, KMITL, Penang Tech Center, Malaysia, and Thailand Global Entrepreneurship. It is aimed to build a STEM and digital marketing foundation for young people to improve their knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop innovation for international entrepreneurs in the future. The training program improves presentation skills in English for students from Assumption Convent Silom and to enable them to apply presentation skills to compete internationally. The program, “Nanotechnology Controls Plant Diseases, Increases Productivity, Increases Income for Farmers”, is the volunteer project for community development, natural resource and environmental preservation, and proper use of natural resources, whether in a survey stage or implementation stage, in the following areas:  educational, public utilities, transportation, landscaping, environmental preservation, and public health. Our students get direct experiences that enable them to gain true understandings of how society works, how to educate people and promote awareness of social responsibility, especially toward rural communities.